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Recently engaged?

Congratulations if you are recently engaged!

recently engagedAfter christmas is always a busy time for anyone who is recently engaged.  First of all Christmas is the perfect (and romantic) time to ask for someones hand in marriage!  The idea of warm cosy fires, love and diamonds is a combination too hard to resist – surely!

That brings a new year of excitement and wedding planning!  The wedding dress is usually the first on the list – mostly because it is the most exciting.  I know it was for me – I was out trying dresses and making appointments long before I had my venue or date for the wedding. Then there is the venue – which these days there are so many magical and unique options, that it really can take a lot of researching.  However I still believe, a bit like when buying a house that you do get a feel for whats right, and soon know if its the right place for you (budget allowing!)

recently engaged

Finding the right local wedding suppliers also takes time – a good tip and I have got this from my clients, is that a wedding photographers display albums are generally a whole book of planning ideas, wedding colour schemes and styles, venue dressing and cake options, as well as quirky wedding ideas and hand personalised inspiration.  its true, as a wedding photographer I am privileged to attend and document many weddings, ranging wildly in style and approach, so that is a great way to get you headed in a particular direction, if you have no clue yet as to what you want!

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This blog post is not about how to plan a wedding though.  There are hundreds of great wedding sites available for that!  What I wanted to share was a few images from recently engaged couples, who whilst planning their weddings, decided that I was the wedding photographer for them!  One part of my wedding photography service is to offer an engagement portrait, which is the best way in my case to dispel any fears about posing and having your photograph taken.  Now every photographers style is different, and some do use a fair amount of posing and positioning, which is graet!  Myself, the key element for me is storytelling, expression and emotion.  This comes across best if the camera is not the most important tool that I have.  What enables me to get the images that I want is me – my gentle and friendly personality.  I like to think funny, but most importantly is my skill to make people feel comfortable.Schutters Ltd Engagement Photographs__005

Once that is done, the rest is down to my skill with light and positioning to make you guys look amazing, at the same time as natural – and after all that, the last crucial element is timing.  Timing is everything!  A nano second too late and the expression is gone, the moment has passed.  No more.  Now that is what I do – that is my job, to capture that moment in time, whether you are recently engaged, or about to be married.  capture it, record it, and enjoy it for many years to come.  Sometimes it feels like a superpower!


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